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The Real Arabs and the real Israelite's

The real Arabs and the real Israelite's

I am gonna teach about three things
1- is religion
2- is history
3- is DNA

1- Religion what does our religion say about black people and who were they.
First let us talk about the true Arabs and their slaves.Now a days people say most of them were black but that is a lie.Now let us look at what the Sahih Hadith says.

The Book of Oaths (Kitab al Aiman)Book 015, Number 4046:Ayyub said: We were sitting in the company of Abu Musa that he called for food and it consisted of flesh of fowl. It was
then that a person from Banu Tamim visited him. His complexion was red having the resemblance of a slave. This hadith is FROM sahih muslim, the past Arabs used red to described people who are fair skinned. Also in other hadith people who where Persians and Romans where described as red (Fair skinned). Anyway as u can see from this hadith a person from Banu Tamim visited them, his complexion was red (Fair skinned) having the resemblance of a slave meaning that his skin resembled the slaves.Back then when u had white skin the Arabs automatically thought they where slaves.
now let us look what Al Dhahabi said about this hadith by the way he is a big scholar that collected hadith like bhukari but he is bigger they call him the imam of the hadiths
he said: Red, in the speech of the people from Hejaz means fair complexioned, and this color is rare amongst the Arabs. This isthe meaning of the saying a red man as if he is one of the slaves From Seyar Alaam al-Nubalaa, vol. 2, by the Syrian Al-Dhahabi (Thahabi),of the century 14th c. A.D.
This is another Authentic Hadith 
Muhammad { saw} was sent to the red and the black and the commentary of this is that the Arabs were counted among the black. The hadith is authentic and narrated from Jabir, Ibn `Abbas, Abu Musa, and Abu Dharr by Muslim, Ahmad, al-Darimi, al-Bazzar, Ibn Hibban and others.
So now it is clear what colour skin the arabs were black and they had red(WHITE) slaves.But wait it is not 
Lisan El-Arab (an old Arabic dictionary) mentions Shamar’s explanation of the hadiths that say that the prophet Mohamed (pbuh) said that he was sent to the blacks and the reds. Shamar explains the hadiths as follows:
قال شمر: يعنـي العرب والعجم والغالب علـى أَلوان العرب السُّمرة والأُدْمَة وعلـى أَلوان العجم البـياض والـحمرة،
“He means (by the blacks and the reds) the Arabs and the non-Arabs and the complexion of most Arabs is brown and jet-black and the complexion of most non-Arabs is white and red.”
Shams El-Din Mohamed ibn Ahmed ibn Othman El-Dhahabi (died1374 A.D.) explains the hadith that mentions that a man was “red-skinned as if he was one of the slaves” as follows:
يريد ألقائل أنه في لون ألموالي ألذين سبوا من نصارى ألشام وألروم و ألعجم
“The speaker means that the man was the color of the slaves who were captured from the Christians of Syria and from the Romans and the Persians.”
Thus, it was common for the Arabs of the past to describe a light-skinned person as having the color of the slaves. This is a known fact.   Ibn Mandhor (1232-1311 A.D.) says in his book Lisan El-Arab:
سبوطة الشعر هي الغالبة علـى شعور العجم من الروم والفرس. و جُعودة الشعر هي الغالبة علـى شعور العرب
“Non-kinky hair is the kind of hair that most non-Arabs like the Romans and Persians have while kinky hair is the kind of hair that most Arabs have.”

Ibn Mandhor says in his book Lisan El-Arab: ABYAD DOES NOT MEAN WHITE
والعرب إِذا قالوا: فلان أَبـيض وفلانة بـيضاء فمعناه الكرم فـي الأَخلاق لا لون الـخـلقة، وإِذا قالوا: فلان أَحمر وفلانة حمراء عنوا بـياض اللون؛
“When the Arabs said that a man or a woman was ‘white’, they meant that the person was honorable. They weren’t talking about his/her complexion. When they (the Arabs) said that a man or a woman was ‘red’, they meant that his/her complexion was white.
The famous, old Arabic dictionary Lisan El Arab also quotes the author of El-Tahdhib, Saad El-Din Masud ibn Umar El-Taftaazaani (1312-1389 A.D.) as saying:
التهذيب: إِذا قالت العرب فلان أَبْـيَضُ وفلانة بَـيْضاء فالـمعنى نَقاء العِرْض من الدنَس والعيوب… لا يريدون به بَـياضَ اللون ولكنهم يريدون الـمدح بالكرم ونَقاءِ العِرْض من العيوب، وإِذا قالوا: فلان أَبْـيَض الوجه وفلانة بَـيْضاءُ الوجه أَرادوا نقاءَ اللون من الكَلَفِ والسوادِ الشائن
“When the Arabs said that a man or a woman was white, they meant that the person had a faultless honor…they didn’t mean white skin. What they meant by this was to praise the person for his/her generosity and faultless honor. When they said that a man or woman had a white face, they meant that the person had a complexion free of blemishes and free of an unattractive blackness.”

U think i am Finished there is just so much more.

Now let us look at the true Arabs of the past and therecolor skin 
Lets start of with an arab by the name Amru ibn Al-Aas this is what ibn kathir said about him. Ibn Kathir says in his book Al-Bidaaya Wa Al-Nihaaya:"He (Amru ibn Al-Aas) was black-skinned, tall, and bald
now let us look at an arab by the name Ubada ibn Rufaa'a this is what Al Dhahabi said about him.Al-Dhahabi says in his book Siyar A'laam Al-Nubalaa says that "Ubada ibn Rufaa'a Mohamed ibn Maslama was black-skinned, tall, and huge

Now let us look at the color of the prophet peace be up on him family 
Al-Hafidh Al-Dhahabi says in his book Siyar Alaam Al-Nubalaa:
Ismail the son of Mohamed the son of Sa'ad said Sa'ad (ibn Abi Waqqas) was kinky-haired, hairy, black-skinned, flat-nosed, and tall. I don't think he looks like a white guy do u. maybe u don't know who Sa'ad is so ill explain it to u. Ibn Abi Waqas was Born in 595, He was from the Banu Zuhrah clan of the Quraysh tribe and was a cousin of Aminah bint Wahb, mother of Muhammad peace be up on him.

Now let us look at what colour ali ibn abi talib is this is what Al Suyuti said
In his book Tarikh Al-Khulafaa (The History of the Caliphs), Imam Al-Suyuti described Ali ibn Abi Talib as follows:
Ali was a heavyset, bald, hairy man of average height which leaned toward shortness. He had a large stomach and a large beard which filled all that was between his shoulders. His beard was white as if it was cotton and he was a black-skinned man.

now let us look at the colour of ali ibn abi talib radiallhu anhu descendants by the way ali is mohammed peace be up on him cousin and he married his daughter Fatima Radiallahu anha. This how Al Dhahabi described his descendants
Al Haafidh Al Dhahabi said Mohamed the son of Abdella the Pure-Blooded the son of Al-Hasan the son of Al-Hasan the son of Ali the son of Abi Talib.Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia was nicknamed the Pure-Blooded of Quraish because he was so unmixed Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia was described as very black-skinned and huge. Reverence Al Haafidh Al Dhahabi's Al Ibar Fi Khabar Man Ghabar. so as u can see he was pure blooded because he was so UNMIXED.
this is what ibn hazim said he was a big scholar also of the past
Ibn Hazim said that Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia No non-Arab blood runs through my veins and I am not related to the slave-girls."Bear in mind that Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia,who is here talking about how pure his Arab blood is and how closely he is related to the Prophet Mohamed(SAWS),was very dark-skinned. REVERENCE Ibn Hazim's Jumharat Ansaab Al Arab. Now let us look at what Al Asfahaani said he was a big scholar to of the past
also Al Asfahaani said Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia and Musa Al-Jawn had another brother named Yahya the Possessor of Daylum. Yahya, too,was described as dark-skinned.

Read the following words of Al Fadl ibn Al Abbas Al Lahabi, the famous 7th century Arab poet who was from the tribe of Quraish from his father’s side of the family and his mothers side of the family. Quraish is the same tribe that the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) is from. His mother was Amina the daughter of Abbas, who was the uncle of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). So his mother was the Prophets cousin. His great grandfather, Abi Lahab of course was the Prophet Mohameds uncle. Al Fadl the son of Abbas the son of Utba the son of Abi Lahab the son of Abdel Muttalib the son of Haashim said:
I am the black-skinned one (green). I am well-known. My complexion is black (green). I am from the noble house of the Arabs. Whoever crosses swords with me will cross swords with one who is noble and strong.

umar radi allahu anhu decendants
El Dhahabi said Salim the son of Abdella son of Umar ibn Khattab was black skinned. While Ibn Abd Rabbu in El-Iqd el Fareed vol 5 also refers to him as a tall jet black skinned man
El-Tabaqaat El Kubra, vol. 3 Ibn Saad mentiones the dark colour skin of ali and his decencdants

To much information, you don't even know the half of it.Now i will show you dictionaries Arabic ones.ibn Manzur book lisan al arab is very authentic and is the oldest Arab dictionary  

Concerning these words of Al Fadl ibn Al Abbas ibn Utba ibn Abi Lahab, Ibn Manzur, of the 13th century AD, says in his well-known Arabic lexicon Lisan Al Arab, “He (Al Fadl ibn Al Abbas) says I am pure because the color of the Arabs is dark Ibn Mandour further says, It is said that he (Al Fadl) meant that he is from the purest of the Arabs because most Arabs are black-skinned.

Now let us look at the hair texture of the real arabs 
Ibn Manzur (1232-1311 A.D.) says in his book Lisan El-Arab:
Non-kinky hair is the kind of hair that most non-Arabs like the Romans and Persians have while kinky hair is the kind of hair that most Arabs have. As you know most of these so called arab's have straight hair like the Persians and Romans and have the same colour skin to.
Ibn Berry, the well-known Arab grammarian of the 12th century AD, explains Al Fadl ibn Al Abbas's words by saying, "...He means by this that his genealogy is pure and that he is a pure Arab because the Arabs describe their color as black and they describe the color of the non-Arab Persians as red"..

They have told us that the pure Arabs are black-skinned and brown with kinky hair. They have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the true appearance of the pure Arabs is entirely different from what people today think that a pure Arab looks like. Does it make any sense to disregard what the original, pure Arabs said about the appearance of the pure Arabs. But these things are hidden from people and not talked about even tho it is very authentic. we life in racist world now i know why people hate black and try to put them down so much because islam allah and the prophet peace be up on him and the sahabas explained it to us it is because most of the past that ruled the world where Black and brown. they hide everything from us and make us believe something else.

now if u tell an so called arab this he will say stop lying but when u show him proof this authantic hadith and scholars who told us they will say it does not matter because we are all the same lol now we are all the same.

Let us now look at the colour of Musa allahi salaam 
Concerning the color of Musa (AS): He was described as Adam and asham complexion which is really dark

Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal related in his Masnad (hadith number 3365) the following description that the prophet Mohamed (pbuh) gave of Musas color:

Musa was jet-black skinned.

Muslim relates in his Sahih Muslim (hadith numbers 239 and 243) that Ibn Abbas said that the prophet Mohamed (pbuh) described Musas (Moses) appearance as follows:

As for Musa (Moses), he was black-skinned and kinky-haired. (hadith 243)
He (Ibn Abbas) said that the prophet (pbuh) mentioned the time he was ascended to the Heavens and he said that Musa (Moses) was black-skinned and tall as if he was from the tribe of Shanuaa. (hadith 239)

Also, Allah says in verse 108 of surat El-Aaraaf:
And he drew forth his hand (from his bosom): and lo! it was white for the beholders. [El-Aaraaf- verse 108]

Al-Quortobi says in his tafsir of the verse:
Musa was black-skinned.

The authors of Tafsir Al-Jalalain say in their tafsir of the verse
He took out his hand means that he took his hand out of his pocket. And it was white for the beholders means that it was radiant and was no longer black like it was originally.

Al-Tabari says in his tafsir of the verse:
According to what we were told, Musa was black-skinned and Allah made Musa’s hand turning white, without being affected by leprosy, a sign for him.

Al-Baidawi says in his tafsir of the verse:
It is related that Musa (pbuh) was jet-black-skinned. He put his hand in his pocket or under his armpit and took it out and it was white.

Al-Baghawi says in his tafsir of the verse:
Musa (Moses) was black-skinned. Then (after withdrawing his hand from his pocket white) he put his hand back in his pocket and it turned back to the color that it was.

SO BASICALLY it is clear what musa allahi salaam colour was so know we know what colour the bani israil where, but some people will say if one was that colour don't mean all of them are the same i just say SHUT THE FUCK UP. So basically in islam it is clear what the colour of Bani Israil are and the colour of bani Ismail but people just hide this info because there racist basically i dont care what there excuse is.

I would like to know if the term adam is still used in any parts of the Arab world to mean what is considered black complexioned today. I noticed that if I describe someone as adam complexioned, most people have no idea of what I mean by adam. The word adam was used a lot by the Arabs of the past. However, unfortunately it appears that the word has become unknown today. Isn't it strange that the word adam could become unknown and our father Adam was named Adam because of this word? The term adam means black-skinned and shadeed al-udma (shadeed means very and al-udma is the noun form of adam) means very black-skinned.

Al-Tha'aalabi said in his book, Fiqh Al-Lugha:

"If the blackness of a person exceeds asmar , then he is adam."

The scholar of tafsir, hadith, fiqh, tenets, and Arabic language, Abu Al-Sa'aadaat Majd Al-Deen Al-Mubarak ibn Mohamed ibn Al-Athir says in his book Al-Nihaaya Fi Ghareeb Al-Hadith Wa Al-Athar:

"When used to describe people, adam means very asmar."

Ibn Mandhour said in Lisan Al-Arab:

"People differ concerning why Adam was named Adam. Some of them say he was named Adam because he was created from adma (the interior) of the earth and some of them say he was named Adam because of the adam color that Allah gave him."

Al-Khazin said:

"Adam was named Adam because he was created from the adeem (surface) of the earth and it's also said because he was adam complexioned".

The latter opinion is in accordance with what Allah says, "Verily We created man from black (hama-a), fermented clay". Al-Qurtubi says in his tafsir, "ham-a is black mud" Al-Mahalli and Al-Suyouti said in their tafsir called Tafsir Al-Jalalain, "ham-a is black mud". Al-Tabari said in his tafsir, "As for His words 'From hama-amasnoun’, verily hamaa is the plural of ham-a and it is mud which has changed and is black". Al-Shawkaani said in his tafsir, "Ham-a is black mud which has changed or black mud in general without necessarily being changed". Al-Baidawi said in his tafsir, "From ham-a and ham-a is black mud". Al-Baghawi said in his tafsir, "Ham-a is black mud". Al-Baghawi also said, "Some traditions say that Allah fermented the mud that Adam was created from and let it sit until it became changed and black. Then He created Adam from it". Al-Jawhari said, "It is said that the reason Adam was named Adam is because of the adam complexion he was given".

Is this use of the term adam still used in any parts of the Arab World? If the term isn't used, is this meaning of the term at least known by most people? I've found the contrary to be the case. 

​Now let us look at ADAM allahi salaam i am not going to say anything about his colour 

because i dont talk without knowledge unlike these so called arabs
let see what allah subhanna watallaha made Adam allahi salaam in surat Hijr lets look at the tafsir
Jalal Eddine Mohamed Ahmed El-Mahalli and Jalal Eddine Abdel Rahman El-Sayouti say in their tafsir of the Quran called Tafsir El-Jalaalain:

“Hama is black mud.

Al Tabari says in his tafsir of the Quran:

As for His words from hama masnoun hama is the plural of ham_a which is mud that has been altered to the color black.

Mohamed ibn Ali Al-Shawkaani says in his tafsir of the Quran called Fath Al Qadir:

Hama is black mud; either black mud that has been altered or black mud that hasnt been altered.

Al-Baidawi says in his tafsir:

From hama means from mud which was altered and is black.
Al-Baghawi says in his tafsir:

From hama and hama is black mud.
Al-Baghawi also said:

There are some hadith that say that Allah fermented the mud that
Adam was created from and let it sit until it became altered and
black and then He created Adam peace be upon him from it (the black, altered mud).
Ibn al-Qayyim said:
“When the perfection, complete power, all-encompassing knowledge, ever-executed will and utmost wisdom of the Lord decreed that His creation should be of materials of different kinds, and that they should vary in their forms and attributes and natures, His wisdom decreed that He should take a handful of dust from the earth, then mix it with water. So it became like black stinking mud. Then the wind was sent upon it and it dried out, until it became clay like pottery. Then it was given shape and limbs and faculties, and each part of it was given a shape suited to its purpose.” (Tabaayun fi Aqsaam al-Quran, p. 204)

Expaining hama, which is also found in verse 86 of surat El-Kahf, Ibn Kathir says in his tafsir:

Hamia is a lot of ham_a and ham_a means black mud.

So i dont need to say more Adam allahi salaam was created from BLACK mud And his name is described as a complexion. So he is made of black made and his name also means someone with a dark complexion, i think we kind of get what he looked liked.

Be patient with me i know this is allot but i hope my people will read this.And i promise you after i have gone through dna and history, u will be a believer.

Now let us look at the colour of Isa allahi salaam (jesus) 

there are some hadith that say he was Darkskinned and there is one hadith thats says he was red (Fair skinned) but the same person who said it corrected it by saying this
Abdella ibn Umar ibn Al-Khattab said here: Bukhari relates that Ibn Umar said, "No! I swear by Allah that the prophet (pbuh) didn't say that Jesus was red (light-skinned), but he said 'While I was asleep, I was walking around the Kaaba when I saw a dark-skinned man(Adam) with non-kinky hair between two men. I asked who the man was and I was told that he was Isa (Jesus) the son of Meryem. So he swear in the name of allah he did not say that because it is a bad thing to lie about the prophets. Mohammed allahi salaam said who so ever lies about me will be punished.

i know this is very long but it is all sahih (authentic) this is what i mean there is so much info and people hide it. this is why the whites hide these kind of information because they weren't shit back then, so they want to take all the glory.
But they cant lie because no prophet nor any bani israils and bani ismails expect maybe a few who where mixed where ever described red (Fair skinned)
So these whites are very Desperate to change everything because they know the truth the only. And that's the whole reason they put black people down and make sure they stay there.

real famous person from the hadith that they have in common with meaning there colour skin is Dijjal.
Bhukarri volume 9, book 88, number 242 it says that dijjal is red (Fair) complexioned also in Sahih muslim book 1, number 0325 and book 1, number 0327 again the dijjal is red fair complexioned

So it is a known fact that the true arabs where Darkskinned brown and black.
Also allot of fake shiekh and scholar keep quit about the real colour skin of prophet mohammed he was never described light skin meaning red NEVER in hadiths but he was described Asmar brown The term asmar أسمر is often translated to mean "brown", but "dark-skinned" is a better translation because that is how the term was used. Al-Tha'aalabi says in his book Fiqh Al-Lugha: Chapter 13 - The Degrees of Blacknessin Humans
If his/her blackness is more intense than asmar, he/she is adam آدم.
If his/her blackness is more intense than that (adam آدم), he/she is asham (with Arabic letter seen) أسحم .
If he/she is is extremely black, he/she is adlam أدلم. 

This is the end of religion facts 2 more to go, Dna and history.

2- History my people plz pay good attention about what i'm going to write.
Most of the so called Arabs that life in the Arab countries are not real Arabs but barbarians or conquerors whatever u want to call them. The year when the Arabs stop ruling their countries was at 1171 the name of the Dynasty that ruled over the Arabs where the Ayyubid they where of kurdish origin it ruled over Yemen, Hijaz and Egypt etc. and they took turns with the Mamluks and these where White slaves, and Turkish who also ruled over the Arabs and. most of the people who ruled the Arabs came from Anatolia and Caucasian. Places like Georgia, Turki, Kurdish, Irani, and Armenia etc. these people have ruled over Arabs from 1171 and beyond around 800 years. most of the real Arabs fled of course and most of there people came in the new conquered land. So as you see even History tells you most of the people who life in the Arabs lands come from Anatolia and Caucasian who conquered my land.

And yemen was conquered by turkish dynasty called Rasulid they are Oghuz Turkmen. They ruled from 1229 to 1454 and the ones before them where a kurdish dynasty who are callled ayyubid they ruled from 1171 and on almost 500 years in yemen. then came the ottoman who ruled until the 1900.

Be paient brothers and sisters the best part is yet to come,dna  .

So as you can see Turks and Kurds ruled over arabia for a long time. Mamluks and Ayyubid ruled Syria, Iraq,Palastine,hijaz Saudi arabia from 1171 untill 1517 and then Ottoman ruled from 1517 till 1918,     800 years of ruling my land Kurds and Turks

now for the best part dna

3- Dna     Brothers and sister i need u to learn more about dna i will cover it to make understand it easily. Mt dna It’s well known that the transfer of mitochondrial DNA from mother to offspring, so that means it will tell us where they are from for example an indian mother would pass on her dna to her sons and daughters mt dna M for example is a well known dna from indians.

y dna is the same only now it would pass on from father to son male do get bot y dna and mt dna woman dont. An example is a European y dna would be R1B most of them have that dna 

whats so sick about these dna is u will know if your ancestors had slaves by checking either the father or the mother. for example African Americans (Bani Israel) can check there paternal DNA (FATHER) to know if they had any ancestors from the paternal side who were Europeans.

hopefully you get the point if not find out about it. It is really easy now comes the good part.

my y dna is E1b1b so are the Moroccans,Libyans,Tunisians, egyptians and tuareg and much more we are the Arabs and i will explain HOW. 

My people are the Ethiopian, Egyptians, El molo and Rendille from northen kenya we have E1b1b us are paternal dna and out Maternal dna (from the mother side IS Mt dna R0, N1b,N1a,I,K,U,T,W,X,and H.U are wondering how this happened well the Abbasid dynasty had Turkish Armenian and Georgians slaves who i have explained ruled Arabia around 800 years. Thats why somalis look mixed and the ethopians we have only 50% L which is black and the rest is middle eastern or call them Kurds and Turks that's where they are from they where our slaves. but wait it does not stop there.

the Umayyad i call them the Maghreb (morroco etc0 they ruled Spain u know them as the Moors there y dna is E1B1Band their mtd dna is H1,V and H3 the same as Iberia (SPAIN PORTUGAL)  The tuareg look like  Somalis the only diffrent is our dna we both arab from our father side but our mother side we have R0 and N1b etc they have same as the morrrocons H1,V and H3  

Pereira et al. (2010) observed greater matrilineal heterogeneity among the Tuareg inhabiting more southerly areas in the Sahel. The Tuareg in the Gossi environs in Mali largely bear the H1 haplogroup (52%), with the M1 lineage (19%) and various Sub-Saharan L2 subclades (19%) next most common. Similarly, most of the Tuareg inhabiting Gorom-Gorom in Burkina Faso carry the H1 haplogroup (24%), followed by various L2 subclades (24%), the V lineage (21%), and haplogroup M1 (18%). The Tuareg in the vicinity of Tanout in Maradi Region and westward to villages of Loube and Djibale in Tahoua Region in Niger are different from the other Tuareg populations in that a majority carry Sub-Saharan mtDNA lineages. In fact, the name for these mixed blood Tuareg-Haussa people is "Djibalawaa" named after the village of Djibale in Bouza Department, Tahoua Region of Niger. This points to significant assimilation of local West African females into this community. The most common maternal haplogroups found among the Tanout Tuareg are various L2 subclades (39%), followed by L3 (26%), various L1 sublineages (13%), V (10%), H1 (3%), M1 (3%), U3a (3%), and L0a1a (3%

And now is not hard to figure out who Bani Israil is Y dna E1b1a(Israelite) and our E1b1b (arabs)

Last thing i wanna tell you and i am done a bit of history Maghreb has Europeans slave and we have Mideastern slaves. look it up Maghreb barbary slave trade to the west and the east us look up mukluks slaves    

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