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Superiority of arabs over Ajams (non arabs)

It is obligatory to believe that Arabs are superior race wise then other nations, because there is proof and if one rejects it he will be sinning. But before we continue you need to know that Taqwa (Fearing Allah) is better then that of lineage.

It says in the Hadith in Shaykh Jalaludin Suyuti's book on Ahlul Bayt:
The best of people are the Arabs, and the best of the Arabs are Quraysh, and the best of Quraysh are Bani Hashim.

Sheikh-ul-Islam, Ibn Taymiyyah (ra) said:
Verily Umar (ra), when he used to distribute the salary register he would give to the people according to their lineage. He began (by giving to those) who were closest in their lineage to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).

After he finished giving to the Arabs, he then began to distribute (the monies) to the Ajam (Non-Arabs)!

This was the way of the Deewaan’ during the time of (all of) the RIGHTLY GUIDED KHALIFAHS (as well as) all of the Khalifahs of Bani Umayyad and the Abbasiyyeen and then it was changed after that”. Al-Iqtidaa 1/446

Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali also referred to the issue of the Deewaan of Umar (ra) in his book Jaami Uloom Wal-Hikm 2/121-126.
Since Umar (ra) placed the Arabs ahead of the Non-Arabs in the distribution of the salaries and the companions allowed this to take place, this is a clear proof of the correctness of this position

Tirmidhee (3627),(3628)
Sayyidina Abbas ibn Muttalib narrated that he said, ‘Oh Messenger of Allah, the Quraysh gathered together and recalled their ancestry among each other and gave your example as a palm tree on a rising on land.

The Prophet (SAW) said, Allah created the universe and made me from the best of them in the best of their group and the best of their two sections. Then He chose the tribes and made me of the best tribe.

Then He chose the families and made me of the best of the families. So I am the best of them as an individual and family wise too.
Muttalib ibn Abu Wadaah reported that Sayyidina Abbas (RA) came to Allahs Messenger as though he had heard something from the Quraysh.

The Prophet (SAW) stood up on the pulpit and asked, Who am I They said, You are Allahs Messenger may peace be on you. He said,
I am Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abdul Muttalib. Allah created everything and made the best of them. Then He made them into two groups and placed me in the best of them. Then He made them tribes and placed me in the best of tribes. Then He made them families and placed me in the best of them familywise and as an individual.

there is also another hadith prophet mohammed peace be up on him said "Allah has chosen the Arabs above others''

Sheikh-ul-Islam, Ibn Taymiyyah (ra) said:
"And majority of the scholars believe that the arab race is better than the others, likewise race of Quraish is better than others. And race of Banu Hashim is better than others."

This was the position of Imam Ahmed (rahimahulla) and the majority of Ahlul Ilm.

Iqtidaa As-Siraatil-Mustaqeem 2/421
Another hadith
Suliman Al-Faresi when he said: O' Arabs Allah has favored you over us...." [ Musnad Al-bazar and Sunan Abi sa'ed] This Hadith has been authentciated by Al-Bazzar and Ibn taymmya

The fact that Allah Most High has chosen the Arabs over other nations is affirmed in rigorously authenticated hadiths of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and give him peace; related by Bukhari and Muslim in their "Sahih" in the beginning of the chapter of merits, # 5897, on the authority of Wathilah ibn al-Asqa` who said, "I heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, say, 'Verily Allah has chosen Kinanah from the son of Isma`il, and He has chosen Quraysh from among Kinanah and He has chosen Hashim from among Quraysh and He has chosen me from the Bani Hashim.'"
So this hadith even tells you the preference of Arabs over others and the preference of some Arabs over other Arabs.

Therefore the preference of Arabs over other nations, and the preference of some Arabs over other Arabs is affirmed in the Sacred Law. Just like Allah has preferred some months over other months and some days and nights of over others, as well as places.
so there is thinking about and trying to understand why something is better. There is reasons and wisdoms, behind it such as the preference of the night of Power over others.

And in some of these things, the wisdom is not apparent to us and so this falls into the chapter of absolute obedience, such as the number of cycles (rak`ahs) in the prayer.

Because the sunnah of Allah is that when Allah chooses something for the sake of something noble, it is the "best" of things He chose. It is part of the aqeedah of the Muslim to affirm that any action that Allah does, He does the best and most perfect of it. So if He chooses, then He chooses the "best' of those things among that particular species or genre of things.

Arabs will stop ruling their own lands and most of the people in those lands will be Ajam (Non arabs) and It will be ruled by them intill the command of Allah comes. Nor will this religion remain powerfull and dominant and that is clear for everyone to see.

("History of the Caliphs"), reports one of several variants of an important hadith, which variants are here combined:

Zayd b. Aslam related that the Prophet (s) saw a vision and told his companions about it. He said:

"I saw a group of black sheep and a group of white sheep then mixed with them until the white sheep became so numerous that the black sheep could no longer be seen in the herd of sheep. I interpreted it to mean that the black sheep are the Arabs. They will accept Islam and become many. As for the white sheep, they are the non-Arabs (i.e. Persians, Georgia, Turki, Kurdish, Irani, and Armenia, Byzantines, ect.) They will enter Islam and then share with you your wealth and your genealogy and become so numerous that the Arabs will not be noticed amongst them."

The Companions became surprised by what he (s) said. Then one said,

"The non-Arab will enter our land, 0' Messenger of Allah?!" The Prophet (s) then said, "Yes. By He Who Has my soul in His Hand, if the religion was hanging on the distant star, men from the non-Arab would reach it and the luckiest of them would be the people of Faris.

Preaching wont work no one will listen the only option we have is to attack and get back what belongs to us, our land and lineage. In islam one of the sacred things of human being is his lineage and we should protect it.

4.712: Narrated Wathila bin Al Asqa: Allah's Apostle said, "Verily, one of the worst lies is to claim falsely to be the son of someone other than one's real father, or to claim to have had a dream one has not had, or to attribute to me what I have not said."

Narrated Abu Dhar: The Prophet said, "If somebody claims to be the son of any other than his real father knowingly, he but disbelieves in Allah, and if somebody claims to belong to some folk to whom he does not belong, let such a person take his place in the (Hell) Fire."

specially claiming to be arabs and bani israili and putting them down. Hating our tribes is a sign of hypocrisy and maybe even kuffar. Because the Arabs and bani Israil merit remain, in terms of their respect, Superiority, higher rank, status and exaltation, pick whichever makes u feel comfortable being higher than others. And making the matter worse disliking our color skin.

When it is well known in hadith and quaran that allah mentioned he created adam. His color is superior to every other color. Now that not racist u don't like it time think about learn a bit more islam. But as an individual we are equal when it comes to religion and it is taqwa which raises our status in islam.

Muhammad { saw} said I was sent to the red and the black and the commentary of this is that the Arabs were counted among the black.The hadith is authentic and narrated from Jabir, Ibn `Abbas, Abu Musa, and Abu Dharr by Muslim, Ahmad, al-Darimi, al-Bazzar, Ibn Hibban and others.
And clearly the red(light skinned) where the slaves of the arabs never have they said they where red (fair skinned)

The Book of Oaths (Kitab al Aiman)Book 015, Number 4046:Ayyub said: We were sitting in the company of Abu Musa that he called for food and it consisted of flesh of fowl. It was
then that a person from Banu Tamim visited him. His complexion was red having the resemblance of a slave. This hadith is FROM SAHIH MUSLIM

Lisan El-Arab (an old Arabic dictionary) mentions Shamar’s explanation of the hadiths that say that the prophet Mohamed (pbuh) said that he was sent to the blacks and the reds. Shamar explains the hadiths as follows:

He means (by the blacks and the reds) the Arabs and the non-Arabs and the complexion of most Arabs is brown and jet-black and the complexion of most non-Arabs is white and red.

when he says white he means bayad. Mohammed peace be up on him was Asmar close to bayad which was described to us. I don't know why he included that color with non Arabs maybe because most of them where really dark. Bayad is not light skinned/fairs skinned like red it is more light brown.AL Dahahabi said bayat is wheat colored marked by black. Wheat is kind of brown/yellowish (the colors we us today).

This following link is the color wheat and i will compare it to a chick which has the same color. Wheat1 Wheat 2
Comparing, this is for most of u color blind people out there.
compare Wheat 2 and Rhianna

My color skin is similar to his but mine gets darker
compare Wheat 1 and Chris brown

The camel has a similar color to, it is well known Muhammed SAW described the camels in two colors black and red (light skinned). It is a fact SAW described the camels red(light skinned) any camel that was not black was red to the real Arabs.

Now this color skin is similar to wheat color, this color is way lighter then abyad, so this colour was rare among the Arabs. We know this colour as brown but the Arabs knew this as your are either mixed or u aint one of us.The Arabs called that color skin RED (light skinned. The funny thing is most u fake Arabs are way lighter and u think that was the color of the Arabs.

May Allah curse the people who translate the hadith for example of Musa and Isa allahi salaam and say he is brown when it clearly says adam or asham. Since when was Adam brown they have no proof and still put it as brown.

Walaahi no matter how clear islam the truth will not come out there mouths because they hate the color or else they would have translated it wrong or never talked about it. But they have no problem talking about Bilal radiallahu anhu color they will repeat it over and over again and add to it he was a slave. But what most of them dont know is billal Radiallahu anhu is closer to them the fake Arabs paternally , if they only but knew. Walaahi I lost count the amount of times i heard when I was a kid in till now the color skin Billal radiallahu anhu and that he was a slave.

These kids have a colour similar to abyad 1.jpg

The color green and yellow means Black
following words of Al Fadl ibn Al Abbas Al Lahabi, the famous 7th century Arab poet who was from the tribe of Quraish from his father's side of the family and his mother's side of the family. Quraish is the same tribe that the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) is from. His mother was Amina the daughter of Abbas, who was the uncle of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). So his mother was the Prophet's cousin. His great grandfather, Abi Lahab of course was the Prophet Mohamed's uncle. Al Fadl the son of Abbas the son of 'Utba the son of Abi Lahab the son of Abdel Muttalib the son of Haashim said:

"I am the black-skinned one (green). I am well-known. My complexion is black (green). I am from the noble house of the Arabs. Whoever crosses swords with me will cross swords with one who is noble and strong.

"Verily the children of Abd Manaf (one of the ancestor's of the Prophet Mohamed's branch of Quraish) are jewels and the children of Abdel Muttalib (the grandfather of the Prophet Mohamed) embellished the jewels.

"We are a people whom Allah has built nobility for--above the noble houses of the Arabs. Through His Prophet and the Prophet's cousin (Ali ibn Abi Talib) and the Prophet's uncle Abbas the son of Abdel Muttalib."

Concerning these words of Al Fadl ibn Al Abbas ibn 'Utba ibn Abi Lahab, Ibn Mandour, of the 13th century AD, says in his well-known Arabic lexicon Lisan Al Arab, "He (Al Fadl ibn Al Abbas) says 'I am pure' because the color of the Arabs is dark". Ibn Mandour further says, "It is said that he (Al Fadl) meant that he is from the purest of the Arabs because most Arabs are black-skinned".

Ibn Berry, the well-known Arab grammarian of the 12th century AD, explains Al Fadl ibn Al Abbas's words by saying, "...He means by this that his genealogy is pure and that he is a pure Arab because the Arabs describe their color as black and they describe the color of the non-Arab Persians as red

Al-Mubarrad says, "What he means by 'I am the green one' is that he is the dark-skinned one - the black-skinned one. The Arabs used to take pride in dark skin - black skin and they used to despise light skin and they said that light skin is? the color of the Persians."

We were with Allah's Apostle (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) picking the fruits of the 'Arak trees, and Allah's Apostle (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) said, "Pick the black fruit, for it is the best." The companions... asked, "Were you a shepherd?" He replied, "There was no Prophet who was not a shepherd."Bukhari Vol. 4 : No. 618

black camels
quaran 77:33
As if they were yellowish [black] camels.
Tafsir al-Jalalayn:as if they were [dark] yellow camels (jimālātun is the plural of jimalatun, the plural of jamalun; a variant reading has jimālatun), in terms of their shape and colour. In hadīth [it is stated], ‘The sparks of humans [thrown into the air by the Fire] are black as pitch (qīr)’; the Arabs call dark camels sufr, ‘yellow’, because a touch of yellow is mixed with their blackish colour, and therefore it is said that ‘yellow’ in this verse [actually] means ‘black’, on account of what has been mentioned; but some say no [to this interpretation]; (sharar is the plural of sharāra; qīr is qār, ‘pitch’).

Ibn Mandour says, Yellow also means black

You will find many Arabs who were known to be black-skinned described as both black-skinned and as yellow. For example in the book Kitab Al Aghani by Abu Al Faraj Al Asbahaani of the 10th century AD, Saeed Ibn Misjah, the well-known Arab singer of the 9th century AD, was described as both black-skinned and yellow in the same chapter. It is a known fact that Saeed Ibn Misjah was black-skinned. Both terms (black and yellow) were used to describe him in Kitab Al Aghani

Al-Tha'aalabi says in his book Fiqh Al-Lughah also mentiones it
It is well documented and clear what color was what.

If one uderstood islam and the real arabs and what they preached they would find out Blackness is highly cherished. In Arab culture the best camel is the black one the best Fig is the blackest, the best eyes are black and the best olives are black etc.

Al-Mubarrad said:
"The Arabs used to take pride in their asmar and black complexion".
In islam there is nothing wrong with thinking or saying black skin is better then other skin colours because it has been mentioned to us. also there is nothing wrong in thinking or saying ur tribes (bani israil and bani ismail) is better then other nations. It is the same as having pride in islam this is a bounty giving to us from allah subhanaa wa tallaah.
But what is not allowed in islam thinking u as as individual are better because u only become better then a person with taqwa (god fearing)

Ahmad vol 10 pg25
hadrat Aa'isha radialhhu anha reports that the Rasulullah Saw one came to herand said had i know fear of quraysh becoming boastfull, i would have informened them of their status in the sight of allah

The prophet knew what was going to happen thats why allot of hadith point to it. My people are are white washed and dont get nothing, they just listen and obey to their master instead of allah, the sunnah of the prophet SAW, authentic scholars, authentic historians and Arabic lexicographer. How much more proof do u need, are u people retarted do want the white man to confirm what u are reading and say yes that's correct u read it right.

Anyway in the name of allah if they dont give is our right will attack actually we don't even need to attack they will attack us. And then we will take what belongs to us our lands and then the world. real arab should love to preach this because this is going to be the foundation of mahdi struggle he will gather the arabs and bani israil, the bani israil will be much more.
Even tho I am an arab I will never be and dont want to be mahdi but walaahi if u help ur people and preach was has been teached to u there is a chance u that allah will make u the chosen one.

The Habashis
Most of them live in Ethopia and Sudan. In Ethopia most live in Amhara and Eriteria, in Sudan they are the people who are called Beja and the so called nubians. There Y dna is J1 it is around 30% and more in Sudan and Ethopia (Amhara,Beja and the so called nubians) and Darfur around 5%. Most of them use to be Christians the people who conquered Bani israill which is mentioned in the quaran and then conquered Egypt.

The Bani Israel
Most of them live in West, South and Central Africa, there Paternal DNA is E3a (E1b1a)

The real Masari (Egyptians)
Sudan and Ethopia etc Y dna A3.
The people who live in egypt now are the fake Arabs family y dna J2 and J2 around 20% and the real arabs y dna E3B 60% and Qahtani (yemenis) Y dna T = 10% the rest are related to Europeans y dna I,G,R1 and F.
It is a fact most So called Egyptians are not the ancient Egyptians

The real iraqis
People from Mali Y dna E1a

How to know if ur an arab? Y dna E1b1b (adnani) y dna T (real yemeni)
Most of the real arabs more then 60% are Somalis,Tuareg,egyptians,sudanis,morrocans,Sahrawi, Maasai,Datoga, Ethopia/Oromo and morrocans. Beja around 50%

The descendants of Arabs in Europe due to arab keeping slaves and mixing with them.
Arabs mixed with their slaves in the kingdom of Byzantine (south east Europe) Italy and Spain:
Albania,Greece,crete,Sicilly,italy,spain and serbia some of these countries the descendants of arabs are over 30%

America around 20% or more
places which was ruled by spain they enslaved the remaining arabs in spain and shipped them over to
Argentia and Cuba etc

Middle east around 20% sometimes more other times less
Lebanon,palastin, Saudi arabia,yemen,iraq,syria, Sephardic jews and Ashkenazi Jews

Most arab are mixed due to mixing with slaves. Somalis there Mt Dna (Maternal) is almost 50% Eurasian allot of Europians will chat shit and say due to back migrattion, nah they where slaves.
Ethopia is the same around 50% no pure black person can ever look they we look and dna confirms that.
Egyptian mixed mtdna also more then around 75%
morroco more then around 90%
Tuareg 60%

The pure arabs are
Darfur (sudan) and the Descendants of the Europian slaves who live In cameroon, Chad and near darfur torture my brothers and sisters They use to be our slaves and now they think they are arabs. These black slaves that are descendants of Europians and their masters the Habashis who descend from the people near the caucasus their time will come soon. Wallahi in the name of Allah soon they will respect those arabs and be ruled by them or..............................
May allah curse be up on janjaweed and the king of sudan.

There is no arab who is more pure then those of darfur they are not mixed with red (fair skinned)slaves. It looks like most of them use to keep male slaves who where the descendants of the Europians who now live near them in darfur, chad and cameroon.

It does not take a genius to figure these stuff out when there is so much proof

don't ever fergot
Muhammad { saw} was sent to the red and the black and the commentary of this is that the Arabs were counted among the black. The hadith is authentic and narrated from Jabir, Ibn `Abbas, Abu Musa, and Abu Dharr by Muslim, Ahmad, al-Darimi, al-Bazzar, Ibn Hibban and others.

Narrated Abu Dhar: The Prophet said, "If somebody claims to be the son of any other than his real father knowingly, he but disbelieves in Allah, and if somebody claims to belong to some folk to whom he does not belong, let such a person take his place in the (Hell) Fire."

It makes sense when Allah chooses tribes above the other nations then he would also give them the chosen color skin or near it. This is Islam and it has been mentioned so much, that there is no way u can deny it and if u do and don't like it, it's time to search for another religion. I hear Christianity will give u what ur looking for, the opposite of Islam in most things example Jesus color skin and the rest of the prophets.

Bukhari Volume 4, Book 56, Number 662:
Narrated Abu Said:
The Prophet said, "You will follow the wrong ways, of your predecessors so completely and literally that if they should go into the hole of a mastigure, you too will go there." We said, "O Allah's Apostle! Do you mean the Jews and the Christians?" He replied, "Whom else?" (Meaning, of course, the Jews and the Christians.)

I hope The fake Arabs and my people, learned from this solid proof i have provided.